Edition 2022

From 2 to 6 February 2021 in Basel, the 11th Swiss Dance Days had showcased the winning performances selected by the jury from almost 150 entries. Due to the pandemic the Swiss Dance Days of 2021 had to be cancelled, the selection (see archive) was retained and could be shown to a wide audience in 2022. The programme offered a snapshot of dynamic, humorous and powerful physical studies and autobiographical works full of performative joy and the courage to question virtuosity. A special focus is on several powerful works from the younger generation of Swiss choreographers.


Dr. Adriana Almeida Pees, Künstlerische Leiterin und Kuratorin Tanz, Theater Freiburg
Selina Beghetto, Dramaturgin, Luzern
Rares Donca, Leiter L’Abri, Genf
Foofwa d’Imobilité, Choreograf 
Sandro Lunin, Künstlerischer Leiter, Kaserne Basel
Als einziger Künstler der Jury, verfügte Foofwa d’Imobilité über die Möglichkeit, ein eigenes Werk an den Swiss Dance Days zu zeigen.


Junges Theater Basel

Kaserne Basel

ROXY Birsfelden

Neues Theater Dornach

Theater Basel

Vorstadttheater Basel

Final selection

Jeremy Nedd & Impilo Mapantsula

The Ecstatic

Philip Frowein

Pantsula – an highly expressive and gestural  dance form characterized by complex rhythms and virtuoso footwork – first developed during Apartheid in several South African communities before growing into a subculture. In The Ecstatic by Jeremy Nedd and Impilo Mapantsula, pantsula is combined with another dance tradition: the Praise Break – the high point of services in Afro-American Pentecostalism, which merges body, voice and music, blurring the boundaries of ecstasy and catharsis. What happens when the aesthetics of these two worlds blend together? Six performers employ the full virtuosity of their body language, oscillating between rhythm and prayer: using two social and religious practices, they explore the movements leading to the experience of the Praise Break, thereby conquering a new space all their own.


Jeremy Nedd is a dancer and choreographer. After many years as part of New York’s dance scene, he was a member of the Semper Opera in Dresden and Basel Ballet. A finalist at the young artist award Premio 2017 and fellow of Atelier Mondial, he graduated from the Bern Academy of the Arts, where his field was Expanded Theatre. His collaboration with the South African organization Impilo Mapantsula, which is dedicated to supporting pantsula dance, resulted from a residency sponsored by Pro Helvetia.


seSotho, seTswana, isiXhosa, isiZulu, English


Concept and Choreography Jeremy Nedd & Impilo Mapantsula

Performance and Choreography Kgotsofalang Moshe Mavundla, Tommy Tee Motsapi, Bonakele Mambotjie Masethi, Sicelo Malume ka Xaba, Sello Zilo Midiga, Vusi 2.2 Mdoyi

Technic and light Thomas Giger

Stage Laura Knüsel

Music and Composition Xzavier Stone & Modulaw Audiodesign Fabrizio Di Salvo

Head of Production Switzerland Regula Schelling

Head of Production South Africa Daniela Goeller

Dramaturgy Anta Helena Recke

Production Assistance Kihako Narisawa, Lucas Del Rio Estevez

Outside Eye Deborah Joyce Holman, Maximilian Hanisch

Coproduction Kaserne Basel, Arsenic Lausanne, Theater Tuchlaube Aarau

Support Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater BS/BL, Südkulturfonds, Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Jacqueline Spengler-Stiftung, Schweizer Interpretenstiftung, Wilhelm und Ida Hertner-Strasser Stiftung


Kaserne Basel
Klybeckstrasse 1b, 4058 Basel
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4.2.2022, 20:30—21:45
Kaserne Basel
5.2.2022, 16:30—17:45
Kaserne Basel