Edition 2022

From 2 to 6 February 2021 in Basel, the 11th Swiss Dance Days had showcased the winning performances selected by the jury from almost 150 entries. Due to the pandemic the Swiss Dance Days of 2021 had to be cancelled, the selection (see archive) was retained and could be shown to a wide audience in 2022. The programme offered a snapshot of dynamic, humorous and powerful physical studies and autobiographical works full of performative joy and the courage to question virtuosity. A special focus is on several powerful works from the younger generation of Swiss choreographers.


Dr. Adriana Almeida Pees, Künstlerische Leiterin und Kuratorin Tanz, Theater Freiburg
Selina Beghetto, Dramaturgin, Luzern
Rares Donca, Leiter L’Abri, Genf
Foofwa d’Imobilité, Choreograf 
Sandro Lunin, Künstlerischer Leiter, Kaserne Basel
Als einziger Künstler der Jury, verfügte Foofwa d’Imobilité über die Möglichkeit, ein eigenes Werk an den Swiss Dance Days zu zeigen.


Junges Theater Basel

Kaserne Basel

ROXY Birsfelden

Neues Theater Dornach

Theater Basel

Vorstadttheater Basel

Final selection

Tabea Martin


Heta Multanen

And so they have been dying happily ever after. Forever by Tabea Martin is a piece for children and adults aged 8 and up which questions the idea of eternal, even endless life. No matter how often one’s own death is provoked and other people’s deaths are contributed to – in this place of immortality there are no last breaths, no bloodstains on white clothes. Wielding one canister of tears and one of blood, five dancers ask whether this undefined state between life and death is a good one – or whether dying might actually be more satisfying. The subject was developed together with children through interviews, games and workshops. Standing alongside This is my last dance, which was invited to the 2019 Swiss Dance Days, and Nothing Left (2020), this is the second part of Martin’s trilogy on the subject of transience.


The dancer and choreographer Tabea Martin from Basel studied at the Amsterdam Academy of the Arts, the SNDO and the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Today, the 2016 winner of the Baselland Dance Prize has become a creator herself, working for various theatres and opera houses in Switzerland and abroad. She prefers observing human nature and dance to formal aesthetic paradigms as a tool to interpret the world. Her pieces for young audience Pink for Girls & Blue for Boys (2016) tours throughout Europe.


Choreography Tabea Martin

Choreographic Assistance Laetitia Kohler

Performance Tamara Gvozdenovic, Rebecca Journo, Benjamin Lindh, Daniel Staaf, Miguel do Vale

Stage Design Veronika Mutalova

Costumes Mirjam Egli

Lighting Design Simon Lichtenberger

Music Donath Weyeneth

Dramaturgy Irina Müller, Moos van den Broek

Dramaturgy Assistance Nadja Rothenburger

Outside Eye Sébastian Nübling

Mediation Dominique Cardito

Video Heta Multanen

Photo Nelly Rodriguez/ Heta Multanen

Production Management Franziska Ruoss

Production Tabea Martin

Coproduction Kaserne Basel. As part of the Young Audience Fund of Reso – Dance Network Switzerland.

Support cooperative funding agreement between Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater Basel-Stadt/Basel-Landschaft and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, Migros Culture Percentage (Prairie), Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Ruth and Paul Wallach Foundation Basel


ROXY Birsfelden
Muttenzerstrasse 6, 4127 Birsfelden
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5.2.2022, 14:00—15:05
ROXY Birsfelden
6.2.2022, 10:30—11:25
ROXY Birsfelden