Edition 2017

In the run-up to this celebration of contemporary dance, which is held every two years in a different Swiss city, a jury comprising five leading figures from the world of dance has watched more than 140 productions over the last 12 months. The winning entries will be presented at 12 venues across Geneva, which have joined forces especially for the occasion through the creation of an association and a small team.

In doing so, they, alongside Reso – Dance Network Switzerland, provide a tangible demonstration of their commitment to the art of choreography and dance in Switzerland. The Swiss Dance Days, which are also open to the public, are aimed at professionals ­– journalists, festival directors, programmers – from both Switzerland and abroad.


La Ribot, Mona De Weerdt, Joëlle Smadja, Patrick Müller, Claude Ratzé


adc (Association pour la Danse Contemporaine), Festival Antigel, TU – Théâtre de l’Usine, Théâtre du Loup, Théâtre du Grütli, Théâtre du Galpon, Théâtre Forum Meyrin, Service culturel de Vernier und Reso - Tanznetzwerk Schweiz.

In cooperation with

Théâtre Am Stram Gram, Théâtre Pitoëff, Salle du Faubourg, Palladium, Casino Théâtre, Point favre und Théâtre du Centre des arts de l’Ecole Internationale de Genève.

Media reviews

16.12.16, Le Courrier, La danse en effervescence, Cécile Dalla Torre PDF
16.12.16, Le Courrier, L’histoire continue de s’écrire, Cécile Dalla Torre PDF
22.01.17, Le Matin, La danse à dévorer du regard, Mireille Descombes PDF
25.01.2017, Les, La fluidité du mouvement, Vanesa Dacuña Rodriguez et Anastassia Issakova PDF
25.01.2017,, Espace, chorés et 3D… signés Gilles Jobin PDF
30.01.2017, Tribune de Genève, Genève, plate-forme suisse du mouvement, Katia Berger PDF
1.02.17, Tribune de Genève, Genève, ville de danse !, Jean-François Mabut PDF
2.02.17, Tribune de Genève, Cindy Van Acker brise les digues, Katia Berger PDF
3.02.17, Le Temps, Le grand bal des chorégraphes, Alexandre Demidoff PDF
2.02.17, Le Temps, L’ode maritime sublime de Cindy Van Acker, Alexandre Demidoff PDF
3.02.17, Le Temps, Comment Genève s’est mise à chérir la danse, Alexandre Demidoff PDF
3.02.17, Le Monde, Montée de sève chorégraphique à Genève, Rosita Boisseau PDF
3.02.17, Tribune de Genève, Lea Moro dilate l’instant, Katia Berger PDF
3.02.17, Le Courrier, Gabor Varga. Fonceur sans borne, Cécile Dalla Torre PDF
4.02.17, Le Temps, Video, La danse contemporaine racontée en image, Alexandre Demidoff VIDEO
6.02.17, Tribune de Genève, Huit stations pour un chemin de croix érotique, Katia Berger PDF
7.02.17, Le Courrier, Danser la contestation, Cécile Dalla Torre PDF
6.02.17, SRF 2 Radio, Kultur Kompakt, Maya Künzler, ab Minute 5:26 PODCAST
21.02.17, Danser canal historique, Genève, capitale de danse, Gérard Mayen PDF
22.02.17, Suíça propõe programa de intercâmbio cultural com a América Latina - Cultura - Estadão, Helena Katz PDF
23.02.17, I/O Gazette, La Suisse prend position, Marie Sorbier PDF
6.03.17, ballroom, Voyage en Suisse PDF
7.03.17, SRF Kultur, Journalismus im Wandel - Traumberuf Kritikerin? Nein, danke., Julia Voegelin PODCAST
10.03.17, Magazin tanz, La Ribot & Fleischlin/Meser, Arnd Wesemann PDF
06.04.17, Revista Revol Brazil, Swiss Dance Days 2017, Maria Lavandera, VIDEO
01.05.17, Magazin tanz, Thomas Hauert, Lilo Weber PDF

Final selection

Schick / Gremaud / Pavillon


Schick, Gremaud, Pavillon

Subtitled Comédie durable [Sustainable comedy], 60 MINUTES plays with the free-market thinking that dominates the art world, and pokes fun at the economic definition of success. So, how does it do this? Every time the show is bought, the trio of Schick, Gremaud and Pavillon add an extra five minutes, adapting the content and title of the piece accordingly. Other rules imposed by the trio, with their tongues firmly in their cheeks, include the harvesting of information, with each new part being performed in the language of the country where it was created, and each buyer providing the performers with an object that they will use to move the work forward creatively. This journey through time and space writes its own history and becomes its own living archive. Ultimately, the more the show is performed, the longer, more expensive and well-known it becomes. And the more well-known it is, the more it is performed… QED!


Director François Gremaud and his company 2b, which he founded in 2005, continue to go from strength to strength. Fribourg-born actor, dancer and performer Martin Schick lives and works in Bern and Berlin, creating his own productions since 2007. The work of La Manufacture graduate, actor and performer Vivianne Pavillon includes film, stage and her own productions, often in collaboration with other contemporary artists, such as the collective Zooscope. In 2013, the trio set up INGOODCOMPANY with a view to developing and bringing to fruition their unique and constantly evolving work X MINUTES.


Subtitled in French


Choreography and performer Martin Schick, François Gremaud, Viviane Pavillon

Performer Montasir Yousif, Cynthia Brésolin, Benjamin Solano

Administration Michaël Monney


Koproduction Théâtre Paul Eluard,  Choisy-le-Roi, Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats, Bruxelles, Blitz festival, Rovinj, Théâtre Le Carré-Les Colonnes, Bordeaux, Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne, KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Auawirleben festival, Berne Novart festival, Bordeaux, CCS Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris, APCd Fondation, Marly Snaporazverein, Milan, FAB Festival International des Arts de Bordeaux Métropole, Bordeaux.

Support Corodis, Pro Helvetia, Migros Kulturprozent.

Booking contact Viviane Pavillon, Lausanne,, Martin Schick, Berne,


Casino Théâtre‎
Rue de Carouge 42, 1205 Genève
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4.2.2017, 15:00—16:00
Casino Théâtre‎