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Theater Neumarkt, Saal

Alessandro Schiattarella


© Rosenstock Motion / Victoria Antonova

Splintered glass, a falling cup, a tear in a pair of jeans. We all know the noises things make when breaking. But how does something sound that has been saved from being broken? With «Zer-Brech-Lich» (approximately: Fra-Gi-Le), the choreographer Alessandro Schiattarella creates a musical theatre piece that deals with the fragility, the vulnerability and differences between bodies. On stage, the three disabled performers Victoria Antonova, Alice Giuliani and Laila White explore their own and others’ identities through various elements such as dance, text, sounds and objects. They try out sounds as if trying on clothes, transforming themselves and searching for pop moments. «Zer-Brech-Lich» asks how dealing with our own fragility can become a political message, and encourages us to have new sensual experiences.

TRIGGER WARNING: Loud sounds at the end and fog machine.


Alessandro Schiattarella is a disabled performer and choreographer living in Basel. As a dancer, he has performed with several international companies, including the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Basel Ballet and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, and for several years he has been working as a choreographer. He uses choreography as a means of exploring methods and aesthetics, with the goal of understanding, exposing and removing ableist perspectives in dance and the arts. His works so far, «ALTROVE» (2014), «Tell me where it is» (2015), «Strano» (2017), «Rejected» (2019), «Sulle Sponde del Lago» (2022) and «Zer-Brech-Lich» (2023), focus on the issue of disability from an autobiographical, cultural, social and political perspective.


Other productions available for touring

Sulle Sponde del Lago (2022), Tell me where ALTROVE is (2023)


Accessibility the languages of the performance are English / Spanish / French, with German translations and subtitles (the language of the translations and subtitles can be adapted to the main language of the host country)

Concept & choreography Alessandro Schiattarella

Choreography & performance Victoria Antonova, Alice Giuliani, Laila White

Music Songwriting Gina Eté

Musical director Richard Schwennicke

Stage design Margarete Albinger

Costume design Giulia Marcotullio

Lights Uwe Wegner

Dramaturgy Martin Mutschler

Production & Director Assistant / Off-Voice Terry Blühdorn

Costume Assistant Katharina Leu

Costume intern Rebecca Stein

Directorial Assistance Ge Lin

Xchange / Theatre pegagogy Matthias Brandt, Daniel Riedel

Sound / Video Leon Meier, Markus Schwieger

Props Stella Kuprat, Ingmar Mühlich

Coproduction Opera and Schauspielhaus Hannover, together with the Theaterformen Festival, in cooperation with the Hamburg Theatre Academy

Supported by Beauftragter der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien und Jupiter Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Website www.schiattarella.info


Theater Neumarkt, Saal
Neumarkt 5, 8001 Zürich
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