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ZHdK, Theater der Künste, Bühne A

Maud Blandel / ILKA

L’œil nu

© Margaux Vendassi / Pascal Gely / Elie Gappe

What do we perceive when we are confronted with an astral, physical, singular or collective body in a state of degeneration? This question is the point of departure of the production «L’œil nu». Here, the French-Swiss choreographer Maud Blandel combines the astrophysical phenomenon of pulsars (dead stars left over from supernova explosions) with the tragic memory of the noise her father’s heart made when exploding. To deal with these phenomena in an artistic manner, she uses choreographic principles such as rotation and periodicity as well as gravity. «L’œil nu» is not about the mere reconstruction and rendition of an autobiographical event; instead, Maud Blandel explores transience and timeliness here: stretching time, exploring the state of instability, playing with changes in scale – all these are strategies to conquer – and simultaneously undercut – the notion of tragedy.


Having completed her dance training in Toulouse, Maud Blandel studied stage directing at the Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène in Lausanne and visual art at HEAD, Haute école d’art et de design, in Geneva. In 2015, she founded I L K A, a (production) organization for creativity and reflection. Her pieces are strongly influenced by music, unfolding at the interface of visual arts, anthropology and cultural studies. Since 2016, Maud Blandel has been supported by Parallèle in production and dissemination. She is an artist in residence at Arsenic – Centre d’Art scènique contemporain Lausanne, and an associate artist at the CNDC Angers and Bonlieu – scène nationale d’Annecy.


Other productions available for touring

Diverti Menti (2020), Lignes de conduite (2018)


Staging & choreography Maud Blandel

Dancers Karine Dahouindji, Maya Masse, Ana Teresa Pereira, Romane Peytavin, Simon Ramseier

Sound design Flavio Virzì, Denis Rollet, Maud Blandel

Light design Daniel Demont, Florian Bach

Sound engineer Denis Rollet

Outside eye Anna-Marija Adomaityte

Costumes Marie Bajenova

Production I L K A

Production & diffusion Parallèle, Pratiques artistiques émergentes internationales, Marseille

Administration Alexandra Nivon

Coproduction Arsenic - Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Pavillon ADC – Genève & La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie, within the frameworks of l’Accueil-studio – Ministère de la Culture. With the support of CNDC – Angers within the frameworks of l’Accueil Studio

Supported by Etat de Vaud, Ville de Lausanne, Loterie romande, Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Pour-cent culturel Migros. The company I L K A is supported by the City of Lausanne with a «trust agreement» from 2021 to 2024.

Website www.plateformeparallele.com/productions/maud-blandel


ZHdK, Theater der Künste, Bühne A
Gessnerallee 9, 8001 Zürich
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ZHdK, Theater der Künste, Bühne A
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ZHdK, Theater der Künste, Bühne A