17:00—18:00 Encounters

Festival Centre (Stall 6)

Hosted by Engy Mohsen

A Game is a great Excuse

As the host of the Swiss Dance Days, the interdisciplinary artist Engy Mohsen invites people to come together. Based on a collection of games that she has gathered under the title «How to Love Many in Many Ways», she invites us to encounter each other differently. In these playful encounters, artists and non-artists come together and create new connections. Thus, a space for empathy, embodiment, humor, affection, connection, absurdity, tenderness, patience, and reverence can emerge.


Engy Mohsen is an artist and curator who lives and works between Zürich and Cairo. Her ongoing research centers around mapping the knowledge flows that shape independent art schools and pedagogical approaches, with a particular focus on language and the movements of individuals who shape knowledge within the realms of art education, practice, and research. Engy is one of the five founding members of K-oh-llective, a platform for resource-sharing among artists, writers, and curators in Egypt and the Arab world. She is also part of the curatorial team of Les Complices*, a self-organised community-based space in Zürich.


Festival Centre (Stall 6)
Gessnerallee 8, 8001 Zürich
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29.2.2024, 17:00—18:00
Festival Centre (Stall 6)
1.3.2024, 17:00—18:00
Festival Centre (Stall 6)
2.3.2024, 17:00—18:00
Festival Centre (Stall 6)