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Tanzhaus Zürich, Bühne 1

Teresa Vittucci, Annina Machaz & Theater HORA


© Philip Frowein / Gregory Batardon

The scandal-ridden dance piece «Le Sacre du Printemps», which culminates in the sacrifice of a young woman dancing herself to death, is reinterpreted by the ensemble of Theater HORA with plenty of humour. Bassoon or trumpet? God of spring or robot? Ritual or group pressure? And when does an index finger really become a lethal claw? In this production by Teresa Vittucci and Annina Machaz, the issues of the original are really shaken up. From costumes designed especially for «SACRE!» by the performers, the players emerge like caterpillars in ecstasy. The seasons go into fast-forward and a countdown against time begins. Who is to be sacrificed, then? And, most importantly: who not? Together with the performers, the viewers go on a trip and give in to this thrilling experience.

From 12 years and over


Theater HORA from Zurich is one of the most well-known independent dance, theatre and performance groups of Switzerland. The group works regularly with renowned artists and collectives from Switzerland and abroad, presenting its productions at local, regional and international venues. Theater HORA is also a (cultural) workshop for people with certified «mental handicaps»; as such, it forms part of the Foundation Züriwerk, which works with and on behalf of people with mainly cognitive impairments.
Teresa Vittucci is a choreographer and performer whose artistic practice is located at the interface of performance, contemporary dance, absurd comedy and film. She has worked with Nils Amadeus Lange, Claire Sobottke, Simone Augtherlony and many others. In her own works, such as «Hate me tender» and «DOOM», she examines feminist and queer perspectives on society, pop culture, history and religion.
Annina Machaz completed a master’s degree in scenic arts practice at the Bern Academy of the Arts. In 2014 she won the Swiss cultural and encouragement award PREMIO together with Mira Kandathil and Nils Amadeus Lange for their performance «Follow us»; that same year, she founded her own D.C.C.ompany. As a performer, she has worked with Ivo Dimchev, Nils Amadeus Lange and currently with Florentina Holzinger. Apart from her stage work, she has appeared in several art and short films and trained as a radio presenter.



Production A production by Theater HORA in co-production with Tanzhaus Zürich

Supported by Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Stadt Zürich Kultur, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Förderverein Theater HORA, Stiftung Züriwerk, Pro Helvetia

By and with Andy Böni, Matthias Brücker, Cécile Creuzburg, Matthias Grandjean, Frank Häusermann, Annina Machaz, Lucas Maurer, Serafin Michel, Teresa VittucciKonzept Teresa Vittucci, Annina Machaz

Concept Teresa Vittucci, Annina Machaz

Choreography Teresa Vittucci, Annina Machaz & HORA Ensemble

Theater pedagogy Svenja Koch & Anna Fierz

Sound design Samuel Savenberg

Stage Michela Flück

Costumes Sophie Reble & HORA Ensemble

Assistanz director Emma Bertuchoz

Assistant stage designer Flora Bühlmann

Costume assistance Liv Senn & Andi Böni

Dramaturgical advice Benjamin Egger

Outside eye Yanna Rüger

Technical direction & lighting Robert Meyer / Micha Bietenhader

Production Management & diffusion Jörg Schwahlen

Artistic director HORA Yanna Rüger

Website hora.ch


Tanzhaus Zürich, Bühne 1
Wasserwerkstrasse 127a, 8037 Zürich
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Tanzhaus Zürich, Bühne 1
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Tanzhaus Zürich, Bühne 1